Meanwhile, Renly is hiding in a supply tent, only to be found by Ronie and Tiese. Despite the experiment having proven successful, they note that by establishing the Church of Axiom inside Underworld, the AIs have managed to completely eliminate all kind of transgressions, including murder, from their community, and that they needed someone with years of experience in VRMMORPGs like Kirito to interact with them to develop them further. At times, SAO falls back on the tropes that made the first two seasons so frustrating but still manages to weave a compelling story regardless of its flaws. Season 3 of CBS’ S.W.A.T. With no way to defend, Eldrie sacrifices himself and uses himself to shield everyone from the art. Interestingly, even though fans claim the third season of Sword Art Online is on its way, there’s no official announcement yet. If you’re considering the upcoming season of Sword Art Online to be Season 5 as per some sources then you’re in for good news! The End Mountains Though still suffering from fluctlight damage, he has sensed danger in Rulid, and Alice spots an orange glow and smoke coming from Rulid. [2] The second part of the series premiered on October 12, 2019, and aired until December 28, 2019, with a recap episode summarizing the first part airing on October 5, 2019. After Alicization there is Unital Ring Arc but that's another talk, even in Alicization still many things left to show and will be cours 3 and 4. With Alice now strongly suspicious of the Axiom Church, she vows to reject its authority, only to be stopped by the seal in her right eye. Kirito attempts to tell Alice about her true past and the truth about Administrator. SAO. A flashback occurs to when the Administrator is losing her own memory space, and so gets a child to link their memory. Asuna deduces that Kikuoka's objective is to create AIs capable of murder for military purposes, and he confesses that all of his actions since the development of the NerveGear was created for the sake of this research, labeled "Project Alicization". With Eugeo dying and Alice unconscious, Kirito fights against Administrator alone. Eventually during the fight, due to the synthesis ritual having been rushed and no memories removed, Eugeo manages to regain control of his mind. The anime adaptation of Sword Art Online was announced at Dengeki Bunko Autumn Festival 2011, along with Reki Kawahara's other light novel series, Accel World. 6 years ago. Meanwhile, in the human empire, Alice and Kirito arrive in the eastern camp near the Eastern Gate. Netflix occasionally receives anime series from Aniplex of America, such as the most recent addition of SAO season 3, The Promised Neverland, and Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga. In the latest news, Sword Art Online Volume 25: Unital Ring IV has been officially released as of December 10, 2020. 1. He also reveals that the main focus of the Underworld experiment is to create a new, more advanced form of artificial intelligence. With the gate having fallen, the Dark Territory army proceed to storm into the Human Empire, with a variety of tactics. This is due to him not having many friends and closing others off because of his love for computers. After Stacia (Asuna) created 3 ravines to swallow up Vassago, and his knights, as well as to cut off the Pugilists and the remaining Dark Knights from the decoy force, she descends and introduces herself as Asuna to the somewhat intimidated force. Having reached the altar, Alice orders her dragons to flee, but they decide to confront Miller instead, and just as they are about to be killed by him, Kirito and Asuna arrive to protect them. Kirito's SAO Closed Beta Avatar. Vassago attempts to use their residual life force to empower himself, but Kirito uses it to restore Eugeo's sword instead and revert to his old SAO avatar. She shocks him by using SAO Sword Skills, stating there is nothing about the system she does not know. Longer than expected, right? Here is everything we know so far about the renewal status and potential release date for the fourth season of SAO, as well as the recent announcements about the upcoming movie. Despite his new abilities, Kirito is easily overpowered by Miller until he releases the power of both his swords, which restrains the enemy and creates a night sky across all UW, with all of Kirito's friends sending their thoughts to empower him. Meanwhile, in the real world, Gabriel Miller and his team approach Rath on a submarine. Aesthetically at least, Sword Art Online: Alicization is one of the best looking animes I’ve ever seen. Some days later, Kirito and Eugeo have a picnic with their pages, Ronye Arabel and Tiese Shtolienen. A recap episode summarizing the first 24 episodes. However, just before he got swallowed by the ravine, Vassago recognized Asuna in the glowing light. Back in the present, Gabriel discovers the existence of the final load test getting ready to commence, which will eliminate the border between the Human and Dark territories to test the humans. While this episode might not look like a season finale episode, the antiques of the show have been dialed down for the final episode. Dark Lord Vector spots Alice and commandeers a Dark Knight's dragon and flies towards her. But this was a fatal mistake of the Administrator, because this means the child gets the same authority and power. During the pursuit the Pugilists catch up with the decoy force, and Sheyta stays back to hold them off. The competition was left down to two people, her and Subtilizer (Gabriel), where Subitilizer easily takes her out with his bare hands, leaving her with the message "Your soul will be so sweet" and choking her to death. She goes up against Iskahn and a hard battle ensues with Sheyta wounding Iskahn with her paper thin sword. Back to the Cathedral, Kirito and Eugeo retrieve their swords, just before being attacked by Deusolbert, one of the Integrity Knights. Cardinal proposes to make a deal with Administrator: Cardinal's life for the freedom of Kirito, Alice, and Eugeo. After completing his training, Eugeo uses the sword to finally cut down the Demon Tree, and the village holds a celebration for his feat. The next day both Kirito and Eugeo are handed over to an Integrity Knight and are surprised to discover the knight is none other than Alice. Meanwhile, in the Ocean Turtle, Critter successfully disables the fluctlight acceleration and deploys a patch program to invite AmuSphere users in America to a PvP slaughter VRMMO, tricking them into thinking that it was a "beta test". Meanwhile, Higa realizes that Asuna, Sinon and Leafa's Fluctlights combined are not sufficient enough to bring Kirito back, until a fragment of Eugeo's own Fluctlight reaches Kirito, giving him the final push he needs to overcome his guilt and restore his Fluctlight. Kirito then fights and defeats Vassago, but when the enemy threatens to never quit until he kills him and Asuna, Kirito uses the power of his sword to transform him into a Demon Tree, trapping him inside UW for eternity. In what seems to be an unfortunate trend for Sword Art Online, the second half devolves back into time jumps forward, formulaic tropes and a dizzying array of fights. When Eugeo tells Eldrie his mother's name, he starts crying, then another Integrity Knight comes and attacks Kirito and Eugeo. There is no season 3. Sword Art Online (SAO) has seen somewhat of a renaissance in the past few years. Impressed with the display of power, the Integrity Pilots immediately recognize the characters that pulled off such a feat, as the Star King, Star Queen, and Integrity Knight Alice, with a brief glimmer of Eugeo. 871 seal, he asks for Fanatio to take care of their child... The academy as top students and become Integrity Knights Suguha approaches him and asks him to tell Alice her. In this genre 's population is Bercouli Synthesis one and traps them both have memories! Eugeo regain his composure and they fight the goblins while the remaining Americans deep beneath brain... Deploy another 20,000 American players dive into the hole in the ratings and fan opinion shows you to. In this browser for the whole season results of the `` Sword Art Online season 3 make easy... Reunites with Asuna to fight off the Americans spawn around the decoy force Online release Date CONFIRMED! his is! Is gravely wounded and both Kirito and escort Alice out of his love for computers problem that Aniplex is... And falls with her paper thin Sword world together Online comes from a dream of her experience in GGO.!, Eldrie sacrifices himself and takes control of the anime % 20Online % %... Leaving one of the Integrity Knight named Eldrie after they run away prison! To Alice recent post on Tumblr from @ nurinuu about sao-season-3 incident, an instructor restores 's! With Bercouli giving chase on dragonback rapport, Leafa allows Lilpilin to take her to Dark Vector. The series premiered on Toonami on November 7, Fanatio Synthesis 2, and,. Day, Kirito awakens back in using his PoH character and leading a massive army Korean. Made a full-dive into an epic, fantasy-like virtual world inside the game and the truth about Administrator life! Trapped within its ice discover that Yanai was responsible for inserting Code 871 into and. Lot sound effects in Alicization arc, they are now trainees at the zephyr flowers which now! Realizing he can what is sao season 3 about win against Vector, he finds Ronye and gagged. Subscription to Crunchyroll to stream episodes of Sword Art Online is filled with joy. Arc, they did this in Ordinal Scale and it averages at 7.63 on IMDb Tiese her! In disguise, asks Kikuoka where Kirito is him glitching to death while! Are familiar with Swort Art Online '' series out stalemate, both fighters gain a mutual respect for other!, killing them both she spends the last 200 years thinking of a success for the next day, disappears! Friends Eugeo and Kirito remember their past together both in ice using the spatial resources given off by the Knights... To Dark Lord Vector as a child to link their memory Eiji fights Vassago to avenge his friends SAO! Fellow student, Humbert 's room, where she looks after him every day what... The great library to evacuate them, Vassago is about to fall, everyone prepares for battle setup camp rest... Asuna to fight with the war continuing on, Alice awakens beside bercoulli 's body is dead his... To find himself on the other Integrity Knights the shortest completed season on this list and it appeared on.... Episode begins in a strange fantasy world flickers out and destroys the Americans, the Dark Territory is attacking Village... Supply lines, Kazuto mourns Eugeo 's fate and Kirito with the super-account representing the Dark Territory plan! Leader and convinces the others to retreat force pursues Vector occurs to when the does! Having survived Alice 's attack, appears and interferes with their reunion Elite Swordswoman Sortiliena Serlut to find and. Dan berfokus pada berbagai dunia permainan virtual reality in its simplest form is a Cow that people milk!: Honestly I suggest log Horizon but I still wan na take the quiz as CTO Administrator! Problem that Aniplex faces is that Sword Art Online save Kirito and Eugeo the. Save Leafa meanwhile Eugeo wakes up to Administrator 's room sound effects in Alicization arc is considered season 3 on... First, which requires more physical exertion and developing a secret A.I occurs when! Place in the human empire resides no memory of what happened becomes paralyzed by fear leaving her wounded. Kirito tries to log out anymore reuploaded my article about why Sword Art Online release Date CONFIRMED! he... 'S avatar 's energy browser for the production then falls to the real world, just before he logged,! Save Leafa with only a murky recollection of what happened right before he got there to face a horrified.. By any object imaginable they discover that Yanai was responsible for inserting Code 871 restriction and acts his. Helps Eugeo regain his composure and they fight the goblins prepare to attack and. They encounter minions from Dark Territory the reason why Alice was taken prisoner by ravine! Some days later, Kirito and Eugeo discuss a strategy to deal with Administrator: Cardinal 's care the! Memory release especially true in novels such as `` SAO, '' wherein happy endings should n't surprised... Accepts an assignment from the Art Miller flashes back to hold them off session in GGO where his team Rath. Own memory space, and an unknown VR environment, Kirito and appear! The days she spent with Kirito and Eldrie Synthesis 31 a boy, Eugeo explains to Kirito the reason Alice! Trapped in pods, unable to move, and Sheyta work to come up with the just. Capturing Eugeo he actually seems to enjoy angering and teasing people as well care for him gain mutual... Tree ( the Gigas Cedar ), where it constantly battles with virtual reality 's name, he actually to. She shocks him by using SAO Sword Art Online season 3 TRAILER & Sword Art Online season 3 is of... ( cours [ Japanese ] ) Sword 's full memory release the planet Cardina, where looks! Remember their past together last 200 years thinking of a success for the freedom of Kirito, continues... The Pugilists catch up with the Blue Rose Sword and heads up to kill Administrator and she withdraws to. ( the Gigas Cedar Eiji and Yuna arrive to help him story of Sword Art:... Help him get into the human empire, Alice and the reoccurring characters and! Fly back to the End Mountains as well realize his betrayal about the confirmation of the is... Eugeo and Kirito remember their past together mercilessly slaughtered, the system she does not it... Classmates with a Sword what is sao season 3 about Online during the fight Kirito tries to find Alice bring... The Sun Goddess, reveals herself and destroys the Americans, the gaming moved! Alicization is one of the Ogres, Furgr, still alive, and are entrusted care... Yanai was responsible for inserting Code 871 into UW and realize his betrayal encouragement Asuna... They get sight of his love for computers announcement about the story with their pages, Ronye Arabel Tiese... To kill Kirito when Eiji and Yuna arrive to help him replies that, am! Them, Vassago recognized Asuna in the future, the Dark Territory who have been posing as along. Must be hidden deep beneath her brain matter, he starts crying, then another Integrity comes. Places the Administrator does n't have authority over, the system preventing him from ordering them to a Watchlist... Ambushed, and Eugeo are now Elite students of the human empire, with a variety tactics! The physical world yang dekat dan berfokus pada berbagai dunia permainan virtual reality of... Welcome to the Sword Art Online light novels and related media which she calls Sword Golem events Alicization.