Fast growing tree, ideal for background or boundary planting. Nice autumn shades of orange. A most popular flowering cherry. Back to top. Trees. Arching drooping branches, clear double pink flowers in October. Wide spreading tree with vigorous arching branches, weeping to the ground. A dwarf semi prostrate conifer. Protect from frost when young. Tall shaft-like forest tree which can grow to between 50-80m. 6m in 10 yrs. Densely branched tree producing an abundance of small yellow flowers on naked twigs in August. Prefers some shelter and well drained soil. Home; Trees. Skip to content. Handsome stately tree with golden corrugated and serrated foliage. Its purple leaves hold their colour throughout most of the summer season. Fresh spring foliage turns rich golden bronze in late autumn. Bold rounded tree with glossy green leaves. Pyramidal when young with gently curving branches. Excellent in a shelter area or large tub. Good autumn tints. Magnificent autumn colours. Yellow autumn colour.Peeling bark exposes shiny brown under-layer.Tolerates average to wet soil . Nzsale is the leading online shopping club in New Zealand and your doorway to affordable designer fashion. Narrow upright tree with medium sized blooms of bright royal purple. Good hedging plant. hedging . Likes a warm sunny, sheltered position with good drainage. Fast growing medium sized tree. Finest NZ flowering tree. One of the most decorative gums. Hardy. Splendid narrowly columnar tree with large deep purple foliage. Fast growing tree of upright habit. This is the bluest of all trees. PLEASE NOTE WE ARE CURRENTLY UPDATING OUR DATABASE. Very hardy to cold. Beautiful weeping habit, quick growing. When mature it is a fine specimen tree that has dark green leaves arranged around branchlets. A small slow growing tree of neat habit. One of the best for exposed situations in any soil. Reputedly one of the oldest trees in existence. A small usually spreading tree, suitable for shady areas. It has remained virtually unchanged for 200 million years. Compact very slow growing dwarf conifer. Hardy. Attractive green foliage. Tolerant of dry and limey soils. Hardy. Pendulous clusters of semi-double flowers, rose red in bud, opening shell pink. Hardy. Small tree with low rounded head. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive all the latest tree info, deals, and more! Adult foliage silver grey and heart shaped. Small tree of upright habit with deeply cut leaves giving a lace-like effect. Hardy and fast growing maple with young shoots violet covered with a whitish bloom. Waxy white flowers on stems. Noble large tree suitable for lime soils. Medium tree of upright habit, quite narrow when young. We strongly recommend proper site preparation and prior-research before planting our truffle inoculated trees, click here for more information. Very hardy. Small tree. Habit is neat and densely erect. Extremely long-lived. Beautiful black tulip like flowers makingit one of the most outstanding magnolias. Requires sheltered position and good soil. Very hardy. Syn. Very hardy. Conical crown and dark silky glossy leaves. Deciduous. Excellent dense rounded shrub. Perfect lawn specimen or for street planting for shade. Grows almost anywhere. Neat, erect growth habit. Very hardy. Fast growing and suited to most soil types. Very hardy. Outstanding new release with spectacular autumn colours.Gold co;oured twigs stand out in winter.Multi trunked with white bark.Hardy. Although it has a short trunk it can reach 12m in height with a similar spread so to appreciate its natural shape you do need a little room. FAQ’s – Tree selection & cultivation How do I know which native trees I want? A fast growing hardy gum tree. Work through the placement and choice of tree carefully, you will get years of enjoyment out of the tree. Autumn tones are fiery scarlet. As a shade tree it is perfect providing light shade with a very cool appearance of the whole tree. Grey-green needles, bark black to brown and deeply fissured on older trees. Hybrid of Liliflora and Veitchii . Very hardy. Sun or shade, tolerates wind and salt spray. Prefers sun and some shelter from winds. Beautifully variegated maple with deep green leaves heavily dappled with cream , especially on new growth. Shining palmate purplish bronze foliage all year round. Twisted branches and showy catkin in winter make this small tree a most attractive specimen. Can have deciduous stage in early years if encounters extreme winters. Note: we are currently in the process of building our tree and plant catalogue. Young shoots and foliage yellow with red tinted catkins. An early blooming magnolia with narrow, erect growth and upright, mid-pink, sweetly scented flowers. Red flowers in large racemes are produced on the branches below the leaves. For many older people, the Elm tree is a symbol of a lost past, when grand avenues of Elms lined the streets of every town. A strong growing tree and extremely hardy for all growing conditions. A beautiful large tree with lovely purple leaves. A hardy large shrub or small tree with elegant glossy pinnate leaves which colour richly in autumn. Excellent red autumn colour. Hardy. Strongly scented. PVR. A noble pyramidal tree with dense silvery-blue foliage. Papakura Courier. Hardy, thriving in all types of soil. Masses of early season rich velvety purple blooms. A selected form of American Sweet Gum with smoother bark and very reliable autumn colour of rich blackish crimson-red. Biggest Bugger . Hardy small tree. Councils, landscapers, and the general public all around New Zealand buy trees from Leafland. Moderately columnar habit with outstanding autumn foliage, red turning to a brilliant purple. Claret red large blooms on a tall upright deciduous tree. Small rosy fruits borne in clusters through the summer and winter. Best in sheltered position to prevent premature flower damage. Myriads of crimson buds in spring open into white or pale pink flowers. Very hardy. A real Christmas treeClick to view spruces available View. Bright intense red spring growth deepens to shiny black-purple as it matures turning fiery scarlet in autumn. No fertiliser. A small tree or large shrub with attractive glaucous foliage and masses of fluffy yellow flowers. Compact form of Japanese cedar. Fresh green new growth. A large tree with glistening green leaves in summer turning magnificent red in autumn. Distinct plant characterised by slender habit and smaller size. Ideal for rockery. Hardy. A good conifer for the rockery.Very hardy. Very hardy. Bright scarlet red. Golden KiWi FRUIT $ 40.00 – $ 140.00. Trees provide shelter, shade in the summer, a burst of flowers and delightful autumn colours. A beautiful form with a semi-weeping habit. A superbly coloured tree, this blue spruce has long, thick leaves and an upright growth habit, making it a highly desirable specimen tree. We have combined our knowledge and experience of growing trees with the scientific expertise of a local research Institute for inoculation and testing. Will take seaside conditions. Very large creamy white bracts in late spring. Hardier than excelsa varieties but requires protection from heavy frost. A light yellow upright grower for accent in the winter garden. Very hardy. Large clusters of decorative nuts. Brilliant red, orange and gold autumn tones. Very hardy. Horizontal branch structure with medium green leaves with reddish veins. Very free-flowering. The Little Big Tree Company has a huge selection of quality evergreen and deciduous tree and offers a full tree planting and placing service carried out by qualified staff. Planting services. Similar growth habit to P. Lombardy. Attractive dark green foliage. Makes a spectacular display from autumn into winter. Similar to Red Fligree Lace , but stronger growing.Foliage is finely cut and deep red. When you find a competitor's lower price on the same stocked item, we'll beat it by 15 % This excludes trade quotes, stock liquidations and commercial quantities. Home; Our Trees ; Our Shrubs; Our Services; About Us; Phone 03 359 7100. A stately, rounded tree with dappled, flaking bark and large, maple-like leaves which turn yellow in autumn. Claimed to be tallest tree in NZ near Waitati. Every day we host sales for the top fashion brands in the world. The trunk is pinkish white and the branches orange brown. Very hardy. Hardy. A large tree with yellowish-pink leaves at first, later green, with specks of yellow and pink. Dainty silvery green fern-like leaves. Price per tree: 10-40. Grows into a small flat top tree, very hardy in dry conditions. Masses of small white flowers cover tree. Requires shelter from strong winds. Very hardy.Wil tolerate considerable wind. Dark purple leaves attractively edged with an irregular pink border. Small white berries produced in summer. Best in container. Holds its colour nearly constant until autumn, then dropping most foliage. Drought Tolerant. Very hardy. Good for cold, moist climates. The very large flowers are cyclamen-purple with even darker stamens. Very tolerant of wet soil conditions. Small tree. A large narrow columnar tree with close, erect branches. A good shelter tree. Fine spreading tree with large shiny leaves. Compact pyramidal conifer with bright green foliage all year round. A bushy shrub suitable for dry soils and ideal for hedges. Weeping Elm or Wych elm is a popular small weeping tree suitable for inner city gardens. Hardy. Good tub plant. Prefers dry sunny position and can handle poorer soils. Red berries and good autumn colours. Weeping form of Peking willow. Hardy. Excellent small tree of compact regular proportions. Floriferous and juvenile bloomer. Beautiful autumn colours of red, pink and purple. Protect from strong wind and heavy frost. Colours best in lime free soil. Very hardy. Head over to our tree finder to view our full range. Autumn foliage tones of red and purple and attractive peeling bark with delicate bare branch tracery. Upright growth, very hardy to wind and most soils. Attractive upright spreading growth. Evergreen. North Harbour Big Tree Company sells a wide variety of deciduous trees, perfect for different settings. Thrives in coastal conditions. Attractive soft yellow, broadly fanned foliage is suffused with a light orange-red glow. A hardy medium sized shrub for moist well drained lime-free soil. Very hardy. Fruit bright red and edible. Deciduous trees in autumn provide spectacular colour and when their leaves have dropped during winter, provide landscaping structure. Small columnar tree with erect branches and dense upright clusters of fragrant semi-double shell pink flowers. An elegant hardy small tree. We thank you for your interest and hope we can be of service in supplying your requirements. Flowers within three to four years from planting out, if not earlier. We have been growing large-grade trees up to 7m tall since 2001. A small slender tree of graceful weeping habit producing golden yellow flowers through spring. To view our prices, please get in touch and request a copy of our latest catalogue. Smooth grey bark becomes black and cracked. Multi-branched bushy habit. Bright red fruits attractive to native pigeons. Very hardy. Superb associated with trees of copper, bronze, purple or rich green foliage. Very hardy. Medium-sized trees of unique appearance with sharp, ridgid leaves on spirally-arranged branches that are characteristic. This maple is famed for its excellent autumnal colour and as a stately shade tree. A good shrub or small tree for winter effect - all the younger branches being of a conspicuous and attractive coral red. The whitest barked birch with larger leaves than the silver birch and colouring to yellow in the autumn. Very hardy. 2.5m high by 1.5m wide in 10 yrs. Hardy. Home; Locations. The Golden Elm is an eye-catching, golden-foliaged Elm with a wide spreading habit. Halocarpus bidwillii. (Sweet Birch) A form of Himalayan Birch selected for its very white bark and neat erect habit.Dark green leaves and good yellow tones. More Details. White Trunk. Variegated and small growing with pale grey-green foliage with a white margin. Hardy. A form of Choke Cherry. Pendulous branches with silver catkins in spring. Drought tolerant, rare in NZ. phone 0800 3678 7337 (for trees) mobile 021 486378 . Delicate soft green spring foliage turning golden in autumn. NZ kauri. Our Trees. Very spectacular maple with graceful weeping habit. Prefers a sunny spot. One of the most beautiful flowering crab apples. Forms a thicket of stems up to 3m high, young branches being rich red in winter. A spreading much branched small tree. Hardy. Hardy. Categories. Lacebark Elms prefer full sun/partial shade which means it needs at least 4 hours of unfiltered sunlight per day. Good autumn colour. Prefers moist semi-shady position when young. Pale greyish white bark. shop info how to log in search . Tolerates wind. Very hardy. Also makes an excellent tub plant. Hardy but requiring good drainage. Warm, sheltered, well-drained position. We stock New Zealand’s largest and most extensive range of native plant seeds, we also stock a range of popular New Zealand exotic tree and shrub species. Plant in sunny, well-drained position. Also the desire to buy every plant that was presented for display without having a ‘Not For Sale’ sign on the very plant that we may have wanted to buy. Masses of single large pale pink flowers in early spring. Known for it’s punchy pops of colour, deluxe knitwear and a simple approach to dressing, Elm has an emphasis on flattering all body types so appeals to a broader captive market and has a more timeless fashionability. Our Trees. To find out more about delivery, check out our shipping and freight. NZ native plant with long narrow and very coarsely toothed leaves in its juvenile stage which can last 15 - 20 years. A fast growing good timber wattle. Strong cascading mound. Handsome native shrub. Bigger Bugger . We do not accept returns on sale or discounted items, including those purchased in our Black Friday promotion (27.11.20-30.11.20) or Style Steal promotions. Autumn leaves turn vivid shades of red, orange, copper & purple. It was first mentioned by Franz Deegen in 1886. Medium sized tree of conical growth habit and pendent branches. Magnificent autumn colour. Tel: (09) 415 7373. Pendulous form of swamp cypress .Soft pale green new foliage in spring ,turning bronze-yellow in autumn .Suitable for wet sites but grows equally well under normal soil conditions. Young leaves are coppery red. Tree draped with long hanging branchlets. Young shoots yellow and drooping, forming an umbrella shaped crown. An attractive alder with deeply and finely cut leaves. Lime tolerant. An out- standing plant for specimen for planting in a lawn or garden. Consult our team for help with an order, particular plants, or design advice. Small to medium tree with fairly dense habit. Very hardy. Foliage green with lemon-yellow margins. Informal, arching, pagoda like habit. A medium sized fast growing tree. Hardy & deciduous. Small shrub with white hawthorn-like flowers in spring followed by lustrous black fruits.Brilliant red autumn leaves.Very hardy. A small spreading maple with deeply serrated and fringed leaflets in deep burgundy wine tonings. A pretty medium sized tree with abundant flowers in spring. A strong growing, wide spreading tree. Superior selected species with large creamy white flower bracts. Bright pink flowers. Skip to content. Graceful low wide-spreading crab apple with weeping branches and purplish or bronze-green leaves. Lovely pure white, huge 'cup and saucer' shaped blooms. Flowers varying from vermillion through red to cream on seedling grown plants, from Dec - Feb are very showy. The golden foliage changes to rich golden brown in winter. Large hardy tree for shelter or as specimen.Dark green needle-like foliage ,which gives off , when crushed ,an odour like orange peel.Prefers cool moist conditions. About. North Harbour Big Tree Company offer a range of trees in Auckland New Zealand. Very hardy. Flowers are fragrant, star shaped and lavender pink, deeper in bud. Very hardy small tree. Very hardy. Acer palmatum Bloodgood Japanese maple. Blooms rosy red. Type: Evergreen   Size: 30-45 cm in 10 years. Leaves a striking pale yellow-orange in spring turning a rich green in summer, then in autumn bright yellow and orange. Weeping maple with upright arching habit.Fabulous deep purple-red leaves emerge from red buds.Brilliant crimson autumn colour.Ideal for tubs or small garden.Protect from wind.Cold hardy. PVR applied for. Clusters of white flowers on pendulous branches. Leaves green margined with golden yellow. Large magnolia-like,scented flowers, 15cm across, cover the tree in early spring.Prefers free draining soil and sun or part shade. Autumn foliage salmon pink and rosy purple. All discounted sales are final. Syn. Trees can benefit your home and garden in so many different ways. Hardy. Vigorous upright spreading tree. (Mark Jury Hybrid) Beautiful lightly fragrant flowers blushed lilac pink. The Golden Totara (Podocarpus aurea) is a smaller, slower growing tree, very well suited to hedging, which has leaves that become a lovely golden yellow as they age. Elm Fundamental Brunch Pants Bluebell $79.95 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 Fragrant flowers. During early years kauri trees have upright habit of growth and distinctive bronze foliage, which turns green as tree matures. Bright golden flowers from spring through to summer. Very hardy. Browse and purchase our Ulmus procera 'Louis van Houtte' and other products online or instore at Southern Woods. Tolerant of most soil types. Suitable for moist soil conditions. Very slow growing pine with stiff needles. Scarlet flowers sporadically throughout the year. Early spring flowering selection with pure white single flowers produced in profusion. Hardy. Tolerates shade and coastal conditions. Leaves similar to Judas tree but opposite and smaller. Creamy yellow and purple flowers like small magnolias with srong fragrance. Willow like leaves. Hardy. Broad leaved lime. 5m in 10yrs. Luminescent in the sun! Suited to wet and shady conditions. (Paul's Scarlett) A wide spreading small tree with double scarlet flowers in summer. Phone 03 359 7100. Very hardy. New foliage emerging with bronze tones tunring to blaze of golden foliage holding throughout summer. Salt and wind hardy. Rich green foliage which is strictly erect. Syn. A remarkable form of Sweet Gum with dense, shrubby habit. A stately spreading tree with large panicles of white flowers. North Harbour Big Tree Company. Largest range of native saplings ready for planting now. Excellent for flower arranging. Average soil. Very hardy. Dark green leaves turn deep crimson-purple in autumn. Large rounded leaves are glossy green with grey tomentose underneath. Pale yellow flowers in summer. A healthy and hardy form from the Queenstown area. All; Deciduous; Large Container Trees; Native & Evergreens; Acer buergerianum Trident maple. A mass of early spring colour. Snake type bark. Fiercely crimson autumn display. Fast growing, beautiful large tree with yellow-green tulip-like flowers. Bushy shrub with attractive shiny green foliage and spectacular orange-red pohutakawa flowers during January. No need to be concerned about harmful chemicals, we treat the cause not just the symptoms. PVR. Masses of scented cream flowers with faint pink tinge from mid spring to early summer. Excellent for tall hedges. Dark green dwarf conifer with cream variegation. (M.excelsa X m. umbellata ) A precocious flowering attractive hybrid of southern rata and pohutukawa, with glossy leaves and scarlet flowers. Interesting evergreen Australian small tree with lace-like leaves with white down underneath. A large vigorous tree with greenish zigzag shoots. An outstanding variety with graceful spreading branches. A medium sized tree with flaky bark on the lower trunk. Broadly margined and mottled leaves. Conspicuous clusters of yellow flowers are produced on bare stems.Foliage turns clear bright yellow in autumn. Small, slow growing, compact rate with bright scarlet flowers in abundance. Cut leaf birch with a graceful and open habit. Self fertile. A beautiful late flowering selection of this species with beautiful creamy white tulip shaped blooms. Has erect habit and is suited to inland conditions. Protect from frost when young. Depending on what is in stock, Nature Hills offers well over 200 different tree species. Spreads 2 - 3 metres. Toona sinensis Flamingo. Lovely specimen and shade tree with golden yellow foliage right through spring and autumn. A compact, pyramidal form with very attractive foliage. Beautiful tree with vivid pink and white spring growth. Complemented by pretty, semi double, fragrant blooms. Produces showy clusters of berries, green at first, turning brown then bright waxy red. Small white flowers in October. Handsome tree recognised by its opposite shining dark green leaves. Large panicles of white daisy-like flowers in late spring. Hardy. Profusely flowering. Leaves turn rich claret colour in autumn. Masses of deep wine red, slightly fragrant flowers followed by small dark red crab apples produced in profusion. Hardy and suitable for coastal planting. Needs some wind protection. Tall growing tree, dense dark green foliage.